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Marcus Floyd, Certified K9 Trainer

Marcus has extensive education and experience in the field of animal behavior.  When Marcus was 7 years old in Sharon, PA, the local police department visited his school with their K-9 Unit for a special awareness class on what police and k-9 officers do for their local community. For Marcus, this became the spark that ignited a passion for working with dogs.

Marcus attended The Canine University in Michigan in 2003 where he earned his certification in Basic Tracking and Protection k9 training. Marcus frequently attends dog training seminars to keep abreast of new and old techniques and share his knowledge with aspiring trainers and experienced trainers alike. Marcus became an AKC CGC evaluator n 2014.

My Mission:  

“My mission is simple. I educate dog owners on how to create a strong bond with their dog.
I accomplish this through teaching simple techniques to dog owners that their dogs will understand and appreciate for years to come”

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“Every dog is a good dog, and every human can be an inspiring pack leader”

Create the best possible relationship between you and your dog




  Training Offered:


  • Basic Obedience: Training is done all on leash – sit, heel, down. This is done with both verbal and hand signals. Also includes tips on house breaking and door manners.[AKC]
  • Advanced Obedience: Everything that is covered in Basic Obedience, adding recalling to heel position while in motion, as well as working on any behavioral problems the dog may have. Training is done on and off leash.[AKC]
  • Personal Protection, Level I:
    Your dog will turn “on and off” on command and take mid-level threats.
  • Personal Protection, Level II:
    Same training as Level I, adding bite with either the bite suit or bite sleeve, increasing the threat level.
  • Personal Protection, Level III:
    Same training as Level I & II, adding more advanced biting scenarios, increasing the threat level and adding in distractions.



Special Dog Education

MAF Working K9 Service (AKA K9Floyd) trains dogs for working service. It’s no secret that K9’s are used for many types of service work. This includes specialized law enforcement training.

  • I train k9’s for drugs detection
  • I train K9’s for bomb materials detection
  • I train K9’s for Tracking


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